Equine Therapists at HSSR

Sponsor a HorseSponsor a Horse

One of the best ways to support HSSR and our mission is to sponsor one of our horses. Without our very special equine team, the remarkable accomplishments of our riders would not be possible. It costs over $3,000 a year for the care and maintenance of each therapy horse. Along with providing barn space and staff to look after the animals, horse sponsorship includes such essentials as hoof trimming and shoeing, feed, supplements and medication, and veterinary care. Most of our horses require a little extra TLC. Lesson fees cover only a small fraction of these costs. Horse sponsors help make miracles happen through their generous tax-deductible donations.

Sponsorships are available at the $750.00 (Bronze level), $1500.00 (Silver level) and $3000.00 (Gold sponsorship level).

Individuals, Groups, Organizations or Corporations can all make pledges for the upkeep of a particular horse. Sponsorships are annual commitments, commencing the date the donation is received. The donation or monthly pledge must be renewed yearly to remain in place.

All funds received through The Sponsor A Horse Program will be used exclusively for the development and maintenance of a sound, healthy, and well cared for herd of horses for HSSR’s Therapeutic Riding Program. Funds are used for feed, bedding, shoes, veterinary care, etc. The monthly pledge amount is based on an average monthly cost to maintain an average horse. Some horses require more, some less. Funds are pooled and used for the overall herd.

You and/or your company will receive an abundance of recognition for your generosity. You will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship with a photo of your horse and a duplicate Certificate will be displayed at the barn. You will also receive recognition in the HSSR Newsletter, Horse Show Program and other printed materials, and on the HSSR web site. Exclusive Sponsor’s horses will have a saddle pad with the sponsors name on it to be used during lessons. And, of course, to see your sponsored friend, we would be happy to arrange for visits. Sponsor a horse and make a new friend today. Donations can now be made online, click the donate button to lend your support today!

Donate a Horse

HorseSense therapy horses have the most important job and we take great care in selecting, evaluating, and training them. All perspective horses are evaluated based on the horse’s conformation, movement, and behavior, as well as their ground manners, ability under saddle, and suitability for riders with disabilities. If the horse is then accepted, he will come to HSSR for a 30-90 day trial period. If the trial period is a success, donation papers are signed and HSSR accepts the horse with gratitude. When a horse becomes ready for retirement the original owner has the right of first refusal. If they waive that right, HSSR carefully selects a good home for our retiring Equine.

If you donate your horse to HSSR you can be assured that your horse will receive exceptional care, unlimited love, and constant attention and appreciation. Further, you will receive the deep satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to make a profound difference in the lives of children and adults with special needs!

Horse Requirements

  • Ages 5-15 are acceptable.
  • Under 16 hands tall.
  • Original owners have first right of refusal upon a horse's retirement from the program.
  • Physically sound, and does not have any major health related problems.
  • Tolerates two people working on both sides simultaneously.
  • Has some level of professional training.
  • Can tolerate loud noises and does not startle easily.
  • Can maintain his cool when startled by moving objects.
  • Is a comfortable mount with even gaits.
  • Can handle uneven weight on his back.
  • If a rider becomes unbalanced, the horse will stop and wait for the rider to regain control.
  • Is comfortable with strangers and enjoys the company of humans.
  • Is sociable and good with other horses

The horse trial process is as follows:

  • The owner provides HorseSense with a video of the horse being tacked and ridden at all three gaits.
  • If the horse seems appropriate, a HorseSense staff member will visit the horse and make a video of the ride to share with other staff.
  • If the horse suits our current program needs and space at the facility allows, the horse will come to HorseSense for a trial of 30-90 days.
  • During the trial, the horse will be schooled by staff and trained volunteers. We will evaluate its temperament, soundness and ability to participate in the program in a manner that is safe and comfortable for the horse and our participants, volunteers and staff.

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