Meet the Horses

Active Horses

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Blue is an American Quarter Horse.

He is Mr. Reliable! He loves the more independant riders, but will be a guding hand with our newer riders as well.  Even though he is older, he still loves to work. 


Bud the horse


Bud is a draft cross. 

He has a great personality. He can be very curious and loves to play.  He tries very hard and is a crowd favorite with his baby blue eyes. 






Tito the horse


Tito is a Norwegian Fjord.  He is slow and steady! He is our go to guy for a lot of our beginning riders.


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Elsa is a Norwegian Fjord.

She has a sweey personality, but also has her opinions. She  is more active than our other Fjord, Tito! She is also our newest Fjords Poptart's mother. 


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Poptart is our newest Fjord!

He is only 6 years old, but is a great addition to the program. He is still growing and learning with our riders. He has a lot more get up and go than Tito and Elsa. 

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Kit is a 6 year old Quarter Horse.

Kit is also one of our newer additions to the program. She young, but is nice and steady for her age. We look forward to her growing with the program!

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Retired Horses

QT the horse



A Morgan Mare who was a past 4-H horse and mother of many foals.

Gentle and sweet, QT put in her many years as a caretaker and is now retired at the HSSR farm.


George the horse


George passed away in the fall of 2017 at the age of 38+ years old! He was a little horse with the biggest heart. We called him Mr. Wonderful!

George wass retired from the program for the past 7 years but had the best possible home with his foster family, Diana and Jeff Springer.


Taz the horse


A smaller Quarter Horse mare with a very big personality.

Miss Queen Bee, opinionated to say the least...but very steady.