Sponsor a Horse

Our horses need your support

They work hard every week to provide youth and adults with diabilities in our community with needed therapeutic services. But they can't do it alone. Our horses require daily food and care, and routine veterinary checks in order to stay in tip-top shape for lessons. We're a small nonprofit organization that relies on the support of generous and caring people like you, who see the value our horses and our programming provides. Together, we can continue to provide life-changing therapy to those who need it most. 

Giving is easy 

We're grateful for any kind of support you can offer. Donations can be made on a one-time basis, but reoccuring gifts are encouraged for the greatest impact.  

  • Tier One - $100 monthly
  • Provides necessary veterrinary care for one of our horses. Includes a certificate of your sponsorhip, photo & a special in-person visit with your sponsored horse. 
  • Tier Two -$50 monthly 
    Provides necessary training for one of our horses. Includes a certicicate of your sponsorship & photo of your sponsored horse.
  • Tier Three -$25 monthly 
    Provides necessary fly & tick preventative for one of our horses. Includes a certificate of your sponsorship. 

Our herd is awesome

When you make a monthly donation to sponsor a horse, you choose which one you'd like to support. 

  • Tito
    Mr. Reliable likes it slow and steady. Good for riders that are working on balance and body control.
  • Bud
    Mr. Popular. He's the most well known horse in the program; everyone loves him!
  • Willie
    He's the new Kid on the Block. A sweet and mellow boy who loves helping riders work toward independence.
  • Blue
    Mr. Professional knows his stuff! With his nice smooth trot, he helps riders learn independence and control.
  • Elsa
    Ms. Hungry Pants. She likes to eat...a lot! Which makes her nice to sit on! She's a very dainty trot that riders love.
  • Taz
    Ms. Playful. Loves getting her beauitful white coat full of mud. Enjoys caring for our smallest riders.
  • Winston
    Known as Mr. Curiosty. He loves getting extra attention and our independent riders love him.
  • Kit
    Ms. Glamour Girl knows she's cute! She enjoys time with riders that are ready to be more independent.
  • Poptart
    This guy has a spring in his step and enjoys his job. He's always ready to work and learn with our riders. 


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