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HorseSense for Special Riders is proud to announce its newest program dedcited to those who have served our country. This program helps veterans in different physical, emotional, cognative and social areas of life through our equine therapy. Since the program is new, we are willing to work with those who want to ride, so that they are able to. Whether this be day or time of lesson, or what you are wanting to have accomplised. If you have any questions, please find our contact information! 


Program Description: "HorseSense offers services to service members with disabilities. Our program is an 8 week course of horsemanship and riding. All riders, regardless of experience or ability start with this program.  This session integrates horse behavior, grooming, basic groundwork along with riding.  Each rider is paired with a specially trained horse and starts out with a team of volunteers." 


What benefits come from therapeutic riding with veterans?

- Confidence         - Reduction in anxiety                                                                                  

- Self Efficancy     - Social skills 

- Self Concept      - Assertiveness 

- Communication  - Decreased isolation


Let me tell you about Josh: 

This is Josh. He is pictured to the left with Blue, one of our therapy horses. Josh was one of our first veteran riders in our pilot veteran program. Unfortunley, due to significant health complications Josh passed away in late 2014. During his time at HorseSense, we was thouroughly involved with our progam, and even helped out during our other lesson times when we was able too. 

It was his Peer Specialist that convinced him to try to program. Despite his hesitations from battling PTSD, depression, diabetes and other medical complications. As a result - Josh made new friends in other peer riders and horses alike. He loved coming to see "his" horse Blue every week. Even with medical issues, he was deteremined to do everything himself just to be able to connect with Blue.

One of Josh's last thoughts about his love for the program was conveyed a social media post. 

"Sitting outside on the patio wishing that this month would hurry up at get over so I can get back to the stables and my horse Blue"

Josh's impact on the program will never be forgotten, and he will be forever missed. 


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Have more questions? Please dont hesitate to ask! You can email us at or call us at (608) 791- 4868